26 Oct 2016

Wonderful penguin video for Flyers

When watching a lovely video about penguins with a special ability, I realised that it would be perfect for working on the vocabulary in unit 5 of Fun for Flyers.

animals, their bodies and the way they move.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dfWzp7rYR4

How to use this in class:

1  I’d give the students the pleasure of watching the video (it’s only 1’30 minutes).  The way the penguiins move and the place they go through and to is a lovely sight.

2  Then, I’d get them to talk about the penguins – first, their bodies.


Their wings are black at the back, white at the front.

Their feet are black.  And their heads and their tails are too.

The front of their bodies is white, but their backs are black.

They have black eyes too.

3  Next, we’d talk about the way they move.

How do they get out of the water?   (They jump!)

How do they move across the ice?  (They walk.)  *  This would be a good moment to teach the verb ‘waddle‘ if you want – get your students to waddle round the classroom!!!)     We also see one penguin sliding over the ice on its stomach!

What do they do before they fly?  (They jump up and down.  They bounce on the ice.)


I hope you and your students enjoy this fun video about these amazing animals!





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