19 Sep 2023

How to do well in Pre-A1 Starters Listening Part 4

Today, I’d like to share some tips for helping students do well in Pre-A1 Starters Listening Part 4.

I analysed this task in a previous post about Pre-A1 Starters Listening Part 4.

Let me share some tips to pass on to your students for the exam day.

  1. Look at the picture. Which thing/animal is in colour?
  2. Find six more of these things/animals. Where are they? Think of words like in/on/next to and words for the furniture/places where they are.
  3. Listen to the example. This will help you get used to the speakers’ voices.
  4. You won’t have to use the colour used in the example, so move the example colour to one side!
  5. Either, put your finger on the thing/animal that you hear and then pick up the correct colour, OR, pick up your colour when you hear it, then colour the thing/animal.
  6. If you’re not sure during the first listening, then don’t colour anything. Put the colours you need to one side, in the same order that you hear them. Use them to colour the correct thing/animal when you hear the speakers a second time.
  7. Don’t worry about your colouring! If you’ve used the right colour for the correct thing/animal, then you will get the mark!
  8. Remember! There is one extra thing/animal which will not be coloured!

Activities for hands-on training

  1. Everyone listens. They pick up the correct colour and hold it up.
  2. Everyone listens but they don’t colour. They just pick up the five colours they need and place them in the correct order.
  3. Students listen and point to the correct thing/animal. No colouring, just pointing.
  4. Students look at the picture. They write/tell you two words that they think that they will hear about each thing/animal in the picture. Play the audio. How many words did they guess?

As a special treat, if your students like colouring, they can colour the whole picture. Afterwards, they show each other their pictures and compare them.

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