28 Aug 2023

Writing different sentence types for A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 6

In Part 6 of the A1 Movers Reading and Writing test, students are asked to write two sentences of their own. Before this, (in questions 1-4), they are asked to compete two sentences and answer two questions (questions 3-4).

For more information on A1 Movers RW Part 6, see my previous post: About A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 6.

In order to get top marks for their two sentences (questions 5 & 6), the two sentences should be different, use different structures.

To train them to do this, and, especially, to make them aware of the different sentence structures they can use, I would suggest working on this gradually. You could link it to days when you are working on a particular structure.

Using the same picture, I’m going to show you how you could work on this. I wouldn’t suggest doing this on the same day, but you could certainly ‘revisit’ the same picture in order to reinforce the idea of using different sentences.

Let’s take a picture from Fun for Movers Unit 29. It actually works on A1 Movers Listening Part 1, where students have to draw lines between names outside the picture and people inside it.

Fun For Movers Unit 29

Show students the picture and ask them to write sentences about it using ‘There’s‘ or ‘There are‘.


  1. There’s s cow in the field.
  2. There are nine people in this picture.
  3. There’s a doll on the grass.
  4. There are two cups on the blanket.
  5. There are some shoes in front of a panda.

Tip: You could ask learners to write twenty sentences to make sure they really look and think!

Show the picture again. This time, ask learners to write sentences starting with a number.


  1. One person is eating a sandwich.
  2. Two people are standing near a cow.
  3. Two shoes are on the grass in front of the panda.
  4. Two white cups are on the red blanket.
  5. Two people have their feet in the water.
  6. Three things are red in this picture.
  7. Four cars are driving along the road.
  8. Four animals are in the picture.

Next, focus on what the people are wearing or have got. Ask learners to write defining sentences beginning with:

  • The boy with/in/on …
  • The girl with/in/on …
  • The woman with/in/on …


  1. The boy wtih the kite is standing in the field.
  2. The boy in the white T-shirt is taking photos.
  3. The boy on the road is not wearing shoes.
  4. The girl with long brown hair is listening to the radio.
  5. The girl in the orange T-shirt has her feet in the water.
  6. The girl on the rock is holding a comic.
  7. The woman with the sandwich is sitting on a red blanket.
  8. The woman in the pink dress is carrying a radio.
  9. The woman on the red blanket is wearing an orange dress.

Other structures to work on:

  • Quantifiers: All, Both, Lots of, Some
  • Only
  • ‘who’ and ‘which’ (The woman who’s …, The kite which …)

I hope you find these ideas useful and that your students enjoy them too!

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