19 Jul 2022

Acrostic poems

Today in my online class for NUS.org, we discovered Acrostic poems and wrote a few ourselves.

First, we watched the part of the video where it talks about Acrostic poems and what they are. This is around minute 4’05” through till 4’55”.

The video is from a wonderful website called Poetry for Kids. A highly recommendable website. In the previous lesson, we’d watched the first part of the video and learned about rhyming, repetition, and some terms for features of poetry.

So, today, we watched around a minute of the video (minutes 4’05” to 4’55”) and read and listened to an acrostic poem about school.


Then, we looked at an acrostic poem about school, using single words:

Next, I shared the instructions for students to write an acrostic poem with their name.

We wrote our poems then shared them with each other by either reading them out, or, typing them into the chat (or sometimes both reading out and typing!)

Here are three of them. Andrew’s and Iliana’s are sentence-based and Daria’s is word-based.

Andrew’s poem
Iliana’s poem
Daria’s poem

Yuliia created two acrostic poems – 1 word-based and 1 sentence-based.

Yuliia’s word poem
Yuliia’s sentence poem

Joanna wrote a poem for both Anna and Olena. And after the class, she decorated her poems a little more and practised her Ukrainian!

Joanna’s poem for Anna
Joanna’s poem for Olena

And Joanna deserved a poem too – so I wrote one for her!

At the end of the lesson, I wanted to thank everyone for their hard work and participation, so I made an acrostic poem to do just that!

I hope you enjoyed reading these poems – now, why don’t you get your students to write some acrostic poems?

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