6 May 2017

Spot it! Where can you use it?

Last weekend at APPI in Lisbon, as teachers came in to attend my Spot it! Cambridge English: Young Learners session, they were given a small card with an adjective written on it.
On my second slide, I showed  the adjectives which will either be added to the wordlists for the Cambridge English: Young Learners Tests  from 2018 or have come down in level (marked with *).  Here’s the list for you here:

All the adjectives on the cards I gave out to the teachers were from the slide below – most of the new adjectives, plus some more that I wanted to ask them to use.

I asked them to ‘spot’ a place to use their adjective somewhere during the session, which used pictures to stimulate language practice and to develop spotting skills and to work on the new Movers and Flyers Writing tasks which will be used from 2018.  You can download the document with all these adjectives here:
At the end of the session in APPI, I asked teachers to say where they had spotted a place to use their adjective.  Some teachers hadn’t spotted where and how to use it, so other teachers helped them by saying where and how they could use it.
Why not write words you want to revise on cards and do the same? – Give students a card at the start of the lesson (or week’s classes) and ask them to decide where and how they could use the word on the card.
And just to remind you about my previous posts on illustrated food and drink words and being creative with illustrated words.   And to share the link to my collection on Pinterest of illustrated adjectives.

It would be great to have a full collection of these to cover all the adjectives on the Cambridge English: Young Learners wordlists!
Remember my motto – Use it or lose it!

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