5 May 2022

Interacting with A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 4

In a previous post, I wrote about A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 4 and gave some suggestions to help learners do well in this part of the exam.

In this post, I’m going to share some ideas for getting learners to interact with the text itself.

Thinking critically

Ask learners to say if they think the picture and the title for this text are good pictures and titles.

Then, ask them to suggest another title for the text. Perhaps About dolphins or Lovely dolphins?

And to find other pictures for the text. Photos, icons, perhaps?

Then, ask learners to read the text and ask ‘I wonder’ questions.

I wonder questions

Then, of course, learners can find out the answers to their questions! This page has lots of facts about dolphins: https://content.dolphinsplus.com/dolphin-facts-everything-you-need-to-know

And add the details to the text.

Find dolphin information in a different format

Learners can look for infographics about dolphins, e.g.




A fun thing to do is to turn the text into bullet points.

Dolphins text in bullet points

By turning a text into bullet points, it really focusses learners on the content, and which content is related.

Once again, I hope you like these ideas and use them in your classes.

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