24 Aug 2023

About A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 6

In Part 6 of the A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 6, learners have to do three different things.

They are given a big, colour picture where there are usually lots of things and some people.

Let’s look at the picture from Sample Paper 1. You can download this sample paper here:

A1 Movers Sample Paper 1

There are two examples given – one is a completed sentence and the other is a question and short answer.

Examples A1 Movers Sample Paper 1

Then, they get two sentences to complete.

Tip: Students always have to finish the sentences by adding words to the end. They usually only need to write one or two (or maximum three) words.

Tip: There is sometimes more than one correct answer.

  1. trousers/jeans/pants
  2. black and white/white and black
A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 6 Markscheme

Next, they have to answer two questions:

Again, they are only expected to write short answers to these questions.

3 standing/walking/carrying some drinks/coming out of the house

4 in the garden/under the tree/outside the house/in front of the house/next to the door

They can, of course, write full sentences for their answers:

3. The girl in the black skirt is carrying some drinks.

4 The flowers are under the tree.

They are more likely to make mistakes if they write full sentences! But, as long as the sentence is accurate for the picture, true AND comprehensible, the mark will be given.

Learners definitely need training to do this part well, but it will help to develop their noticing skills and language range. I will share some posts with ideas for practical ideas for this part of A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 6.

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