23 Apr 2016


What’s in this part?

1  A story, divided into 3 sections

2  3 pictures which help to illustrate the story


About the text

The story is usually about one main person.  It is often in the first person (I, my, me…./We, our, us …) but sometimes in the 3rd person (he/she/ they).

There is a title – this tells us what the story is about.

There is a picture above each part of the story.  But the pictures do not give the answers!


About the sentences

There are ten sentences to complete about the story.

There are two examples.

Candidates have to complete the ten sentences using words from the text.

They do not need to supply any words – all the words they need to write are in the text!


Remember! The sentences follow the order of the story.



How do I do this part of the Test?

There are various things that students have to understand:


1  Who is in the story and what information do we get about them?


2  Paraphrasing.


3  Looking at which information we have in the text and is also already in the sentence.


4  Looking at what comes before and after the gap.


See my ideas on this website for work on these four areas.


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