9 May 2019

About A2 Flyers Reading and Writing Part 3

Today, I want to examine A2 Flyers Reading and Writing Part 3.

In previous posts, I’ve written about this task, which is also used at Pre-A1 Starters and A1 Movers.

Let’s take a look at this task using the A2 Flyers Part 3 from Sample Papers 2, available here:


What’s in this Part of the A2 Flyers Reading and Writing Test?

  1.  A picture showing a particular part of the story.

2.  A box with nine words. One example word has been used to complete the first, example, gap in the text. There are eight more words to choose from for the five gaps in the story.

3.  A story with an example (completed gap) and five words missing.

4.  Three titles to choose from for the story.

About the text

In the text, which is a story, there is one example, then five gaps to complete.

The first gap is an example.  The missing word has been written on the line in the gap.

Candidates have to complete the other five gaps using words from the box above the story.

The story is usually written in the past simple and in the third person.

About the words

There are nine words. Unlike this task at Pre-A1 Starters and A1 Movers, there are no pictures to help clarify the meaning. And most of the words will come from the A2 Flyers wordlist.

One of the words (the first one) is the example.

Candidates should not use this word for any of the five gaps.

The words will be from different word classes – usually nouns and verbs, plus adjectives and/or adverbs.

Most of the words will be new at A2 Flyers level.

In this example, decided, piece, felt, air, bridge, sure, ready and key are all new at A2 Flyers. built appears at A1 Movers and nice is on the Pre-A1 Starters wordlist, but comparative adjectives appear on the grammar areas for A1 Movers.

About the names (titles)

All three names will be relevant to the story.  In this story, David’s dad is mentioned, but we don’t read that he has got a new job.

We don’t read that David is going to go to a new school in the story.  This story is about David’s new home.

In my next post, I’ll look at ways to help students do this task.

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