10 Apr 2018

About A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 3

Let’s look at the Sample Part 3 task from Sample Papers Volume 1, available here:

What’s in this part?

1   A story with 5 words missing.

2   9 pictures illustrating 9 words which candidates have to choose from and write the correct word in each gap.

3   Three possible names for the story (question 6).

About the text

The text is usually about one main person (in this example, Jane), with other people (her teacher, Paul) also appearing.  The text is usually in the past simple tense, with direct speech (very often using present tenses).

There is one example, then 5 gaps to complete.

About the words

Words are a mixture of types: nouns, adjectives and verbs in the infinitive, present, continuous and past forms.

There is a picture to illustrate the meaning of each word.

They do not have to supply any of the words.  They are given on the second page, under the pictures.

Spelling must be correct.



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