17 Dec 2017

About Pre-A1 Starters Reading and Writing Part 4

What’s in this Part of the Starters Reading and Writing Test?

  1.   A text about an animal or a thing.
  2.   Pictures with words.

About the text

The text is a semi-factual one.  (up to 2018, the text was written in the first person, as if the animal or thing was talking about itself).

There is a title.  This tells us the topic.

There is a big picture under the title and above the text.  This shows us what the text is about.

Source: http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/153309-cambridge-english-starters-sample-papers-volume-2.pdf

In the text, there is one example, then five gaps to complete.

The first gap is an example.  The missing word has been written on the line in the gap.

Candidates have to complete the other five gaps using words from the box under the text.

About the words and pictures

There are eight words and pictures.  One of the words (the first one) is the example.

Candidates should not use this word for any of the five gaps.

In my next post, I’ll look at ways to help students do this task.



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