7 Oct 2019

About A2 Flyers Listening Part 2

Continuing on from my previous two posts, today I’m going to write about A2 Flyers Listening Part 2.
Let’s look at an example from Sample Papers 1, available here.

A2 Flyers Listening Part 2 is often about an event (a trip, holiday, visit) or a competition or a club, as we have in this example.

There is always a picture to illustrate the context.  Here, we can see some children pointing to and looking at the night sky.

There is always a title, which tells us the context.  Here, we are going to listen to two people talking about a Space Club.

And there is always an example.  This shows us that the information we have to write is short.  In this case, it’s a time, and obviously it’s quicker (and more normal) to write numbers rather than words.

The audio

The start of the conversation will set the context, and this together with the information given in the example will give students time to get used to the speakers.  They will always be easily distinguishable because usually, there will be an adult and a child speaking, and/or a female and a male speaker.

Another thing to reassure students with is that they will hear the conversation twice. (They will not hear the introduction or the example twice, only once.)

The second time they listen, they should check the answers they have written, or, write any answers that they did not complete the first time they listened.

The questions

There are five questions to answer.  Although numbers appear on the page, at A2 Flyers, students will not hear numbers on the audio (although the way the conversation flows, they will get clear indications when the next answer is coming and they should have plenty of time to write their answers.)

In my next post, I’ll share some tips for doing this part of the A2 Flyers Listening well.

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