29 Jan 2018

About: A1 Movers Listening Part 3

What’s in A1 Movers Listening Part 3?

1.  6 pictures of people or things, with names or words

2.  8 pictures of activities, places or things

There is one example, so students have to make five matches.

Here is an example Part 3 Listening from Movers Sample Papers 2:

Available from:


What do students have to do?

·  Students listen to a conversation led mainly by one speaker.

·  They match one of the pictures on the right to each person or word on the left and write the letter for the picture in the box.


1.   Students will not hear the five names or words they have on the left in the same order as they appear on the page.

2.   They will hear information/words for all the eight pictures on the right.  Two of these pictures show ‘distractors’ – they are mentioned in the conversation, but do not match any of the names or words on the left.

3.  Numbers are used to clearly indicate when the next match will be heard.

4.  There is also a 5 second pause between each question, so students should have plenty of time to answer all the questions.

5.  Answers usually come from the main speaker, but there will probably be one given by the second person.

6.  Students hear the conversation twice, so they can check or complete their answers.

In this second post, you’ll find some tips to help your students do well in A1 Movers Listening Part 3.

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