30 Jan 2018

A1 Movers Listening Part 3 – Stand up when you hear yours!

In A1 Movers Listening Part 3, which will now take the same format as Flyers Listening Part 3, it is very important to make sure that our students know that all the eight options on the right will be heard, but two of them will be distractors.

See my previous post for more information and tips for this part.

Students should also be aware that the five people/places or things which appear on the left will not be heard in the same order that they appear on the page.

To reinforce this very, very strongly (and visually!), I suggest the following activity:

Different students are different members of the family (pictures on the left).  Other students choose an activity from the right (or give eight different students a hobby from the right).

Explain – you are going to play the recording.

When a member of the family is mentioned, the person listening out for that person stands up and moves into the order they appear in (in this case, the parents, the son, daughter, uncle, brother, cousin).  When the activity is mentioned, the student who is listening for that hobby moves to the person who enjoys that hobby.  (The ‘distractors’ that are mentioned stand up, but do not move because they are not a match!

Below, you can see some photos of teachers in Porto in action at the conference where I shared this activity (*I didn’t ask the people who were listening out for the hobbies to move to their family member because of the layout of the room):

There is also a video of this activity here:


Thanks so much to the teachers at the 5th National Knightsbridge and Cambridge Assessment English Conference for participating so enthusiastically!  I had a great time and came back feeling very inspired!


And don’t just use this activity for Movers Part 3 Listening – you can use it for Flyers Part 3, Starters Multiple Choice Listening Part 3, Movers or Flyers Multiple Choice Listening Part 4, Key Listening Parts 1 and 4, ……..


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