21 Nov 2018

Wonderful feedback from Fun for learners

One of the things I most enjoy is meeting teachers (and occasionally students) who are using Fun for Starters, Fun for Movers or Fun for Flyers.  When I first had the idea of writing materials for students preparing for Starters, Movers and Flyers, it was because I wanted to help learners at these ages develop useful skills and especially, for them to like English.

So, the other day, when I received a message from a friend who teaches in Asturias, I appreciated it so much. She was sharing some students’ project about insects which they had written in response to suggestions in Unit 10, Fun for Flyers.

Firstly, because it is obvious how much effort and preparation had gone into these projects. By both the teacher and students.  They are beautifully illustrated and take me right back to some of the memorable projects I did myself at school.

So, thank you so much to Joanne for sending me these photos and to the students in Mieres, Asturias for all the hard work you put into your projects.

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