26 Nov 2018

5 ways of interacting successfully in speaking.

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When we are having a conversation with someone, there are 5 ways of interacting successfully. (Well, admittedly, there are probably more ways!)

If we make our students aware of these five things, then their interaction in speaking in English should improve substantially.

1 Face and eyes! We should look at the other person!  Look at the superb body language in this photo!  These people are interested in each other!

Show your partner you’re interested.  Nod!  Smile!

Say you’re interested.  “Really?” “Wow!” “Yeah!”  (See my next posts for some shout outs for this).

Ask a question.  What? Why? When? Who?

5 Repeat or rephrase.  You like chocolate ice cream? Me too!  

Train your students to make these five steps and their speaking will improve and be more natural! (And their marks for Interactive Communication in Cambridge speaking tests will improve too!)



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