18 Oct 2018

Quiz – Key dates in the History of B2 First

To kick off my first seminar tomorrow, I’ve written a Quiz on the key dates in the history of B2 First.

I thought I’d share it here today.  But I won’t be posting the answers till after the seminar!

I’ve given you some years and some things that have changed or been incorporated and affect the exam as we know it today.

So, challenge yourself – how many matches can you make?

B2 First Quiz

In which year did each of these things happen?


1939          1975               1984          1996             2001            2002

2005           2008               2010         2015             2017

The exam was called the Lower Certificate in English.
The name changed to First Certificate in English.
The name changed to B2 First.
First for Schools was launched.
The CEFR was published.
Cambridge English Scale introduced to report results.
English Profile was launched.
Reading and Use of English combined into 1 paper.
Essay task became compulsory Part 1 writing task.
Letter/email became compulsory Part 1 writing task.
Each of the 5 papers was worth 20% of the total mark.
Total time shortened to 3 hours 30 minutes.
Total time shortened to 4 hours.  (1 hour shorter than previously).
Recorded materials first used in the Listening test.
Objective multiple choice items included in the exam.
Wider range of reading, listening and writing microskills covered.
Candidates could be examined individually, in pairs or in threes in the speaking test.
Part of the speaking test involved reading aloud one part of a dialogue, with the examiner reading the other part.


Speaking tests always taken in pairs (or three if last candidates in session)

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