20 Feb 2023

Pre-A1 to C2 Question Challenge Day 3

In today’s post, on Question Challenge Day 3, the question is: Where do you live?

Again, I’ve chosen a question that candidates are highly likely to be asked in both a speaking test and in real life. Our answer, of course, would be based on who is asking the question – an examiner doesn’t need to find your house to come round for tea usually, but a friend who’s never been there before and is invited might need detailed instructions!

I hope you find this useful when you’re working on this question with your students, so that even with this common question, they can stretch themselves.

As with the previous two posts on What’s your favourite time of day? and Would you like to add anything?, I’ve researched this question using the English Vocabulary Profile and the Cambridge Dictionary website. I’d recommend both of these resources to you.

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