7 Mar 2022

Interacting and having fun with A2 Key Listening Part 5

In today’s post, I’m continuing the focus on A2 Key Listening Part 5. I’m going to suggest some ways to get students interacting with the task, to add an element of fun and some personalisation.

I’m going to use the same sample task from the A2 Key for Schools Handbook, available here.

A2 Key for Schools Listening Part 5 Sample Test

Activity 1 – get into order

With groups of 12 students or more, give (or tell/dictate) 5 students one of the names next to 21-25 and 7 students one of the 7 words from the right-hand list. (They won’t need to match Julia or D make-up, because they are already matched in the example.) They should stand or sit with the others in their group (1st group – names or 2nd group – objects). Ask the 7 students to get into alphabetical order (for their words).

Play the audio. The 5 students with the names stand up when their name is mentioned. The 7 students with the objects stand up when they are mentioned or referred to (remember that most of them are paraphrased on the audio) and move next to the person that is being talked about.

After this, ask the students with the word cards to say whether they are a match or a distractor for the people.

Rationale 1: This will reinforce the fact that the names are heard in the same order as they appear on the question paper but the objects aren’t, and some of the objects are heard or referred to twice.

Rationale 2: This reinforces the fact that all the words are heard on the audio, even the distractors.

Activity 2 – How many can you guess?

Without listening to the audio, students write the letter of the answer they think might be the match next to each number.


21 Anton B

22 Emma E

23 Karl H

24 Sarah A

25 George C

Then, they listen and see if they were right! How many did they guess?

Rationale: Get students to make predictions, to guess!

Activity 3 – Volunteer to help!

After listening, discuss which things no one is currently helping with. (C – lights, H – tickets) They don’t need special lights, so no one is needed to help with those. They haven’t sold many tickets yet, so how could they sell more? Students suggest ways to sell tickets for the show.

Also, students can choose which of the things on the list they would most like to help with and explain why.

Rationale: Personalising the content, showing how the context is relevant to real life situations.

Activity 4 – Find out about a real fashion show!

There are several videos you could watch with students – or ask them to watch outside class. I found this vlog that I thought would work well at this level and appeal to teens.

*NB Minute 10.42 onwards, the presenter is in the pub drinking beer, so probably not worth watching that bit or warning your students!

This article is good too – quite long, but accessible. Behind the scenes of a fashion show:


Activity 5 – Organise your own fashion show!

Students can organise their own fashion show – on a theme (eg winter, summer, Halloween, Carnival), clothes that DON’T match! – I’m sure you can think of many more! (Or ask your students to!)

I hope you try out these activities – and that you and your students have fun!

If you haven’t read my previous post about A2 Key listening Part 5 and how to do well, I’d suggest you do. There are also other posts on the other parts of A2 Key Listening you might find useful.

And the post, Stand up when you hear yours! is based on A1 Movers Listening Part 3, would also be useful, as it’s the same task, but with pictures.

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