6 Jul 2020

Taking A2 Key Reading Part 3 further

Today, I’d like to share some fun ideas for further work on A2 Key Reading Part 3.

A while back, I wrote a post about this part of the A2 Key Reading and Writing paper.

In this post, I’ll share some ideas to work on empasising the distraction in the texts for the different questions and some post-reading activities.

The ideas are based around the sample part 3 task from the A2 Key for Schools Sample paper.


Write the answers to the questions.

Once students have circled the answer to each question, ask them to write answers to them, using the information in the text.

So, we’d get something like this:

7   Flora’s class learnt about the garden competition from their teacher after she watched it and then told them.

8   Louisa’s class grew lots of carrots and potatoes.

9   Flora’s class won a trip to a special garden in the school competition,

10   Amy’s class painted flowers on the garden wall.

11  Louisa’s class learnt about the butterflies in their garden.

12   Amy’s class got help from Amy’s cousin.  She gave them some advice on what to grow.

13   The flowers in Louisa’s class’ garden are all yellow.

Questions about the distractors in the other texts

To focus on the distraction in the other texts for the questions, you could give students more questions.

7   Whose class watched a TV programme about insects?

8   Whose class are going to grow some vegetables next year?

9   Whose class won a prize in the school garden competition?

10   Whose class grew many flowers on the garden wall?

11  Whose class will learn about the insects in another garden?

12  Whose class is going to visit a place where a family member works?

13   Whose class chose flowers that were different colours?

Different follow-on activities


Write a message/email from Amy to her cousin, thanking her for her advice.  Tell her about the prize.

Write the letter from the judges to Amy’s class, telling them about the prize, why the garden was so good, and the TV film that they are going to make.


Write Flora’s diary page for the day that she and her class visited the garden.


Find out about planting carrots and potatoes and explain the instructions for growing them.

Draw/take/find pictures of different kinds of butterflies and write about them.  Which butterflies live near you?

I hope you like these ideas and that your students will enjoy them too!

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