16 May 2019

Great Cambridge Day and School visit in Sofia, Bulgaria

Last Saturday, I was thrilled to be invited to give a session at the Cambridge Day in Sofia, Bulgaria.  There were well over 600 people at the conference and the teachers were so enthusiastic and eager to participate – an ideal audience!!

I gave the session I wrote for the Cambridge Experiences in Spain and Portugal.

Support, Challenge Choice

As the teachers were from Primary, Secondary and Adult schools, I shared activities and tips which I feel can be used at different levels and with several age groups.

And we had a great time with the Shout outs! I’d prepared based on the Starters, Movers and Flyers wordlists. I wrote a post about Shout Outs for encouraging interaction in speaking a few months ago.

(More on those Shout outs in my next post…. watch this space!)

The day before the conference, I went to a school to meet the English teachers there and to share some tips for the A1 Movers and A2 Flyers Reading and Writing Test.

You can read about some of the ideas and tips I shared in my post on About A2 Flyers Reading and Writing Part 3 and activities and tips I’ll write about in my next post on How to do well in A2 Flyers Reading and Writing Part 3.

And you can also read about other ideas in the posts About A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 5, Adding more pictures to A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 5 and Matching your sentence to A1 Movers Reading and Writing Part 5.

Thank you once again to Klett Bulgaria for organising the Cambridge Day and for their great hospitality.  I certainly hope to be back in Bulgaria!

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