28 Nov 2018

Shout outs for encouraging interaction in speaking

I had an idea the other day for encouraging interaction in speaking – making some “Shout outs”!

You can see some of the ones I took to Madrid and used at the seminar in this photo. I gave out the Shout outs when we were focussing on encouraging interaction.

In my previous post, I talked about 5 ways of interacting successfully in speaking.

The idea is that we can reinforce the way people react (and interact) in a conversation.

Someone tells you: “Did you know I won the lottery?”

You’d react, saying something like “Wow!” or “Really?”

So, I made some shout outs to use in class.  Students have to use their “shout outs” in their conversations. To show they’re listening and are interested.

Since I came home, I’ve tried to improve my “Shout outs” and have made them more dynamic by adding some lines round the outside.

And I’ve created some “shout outs” for you to download and make your own.  You can also edit them to make more, with other words like: Cool! Fantastic! Excellent! OK! Great! Amazing! Right!

Click here to download: Shout outs

As always, I hope they’re useful for you and your students!

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