30 Mar 2020

Flyers Writing Booklet – Completing sentences

In this post, I’ll be looking at Completing Sentences, page 3 of the Flyers Writing Skills Booklet.  This follows on from my prevous post, page 2 of the Booklet on Words to describe pictures.

The sentences are about the same picture of the people outside the café on page 2.

But this time, we start off with cut-outs from the picture we saw on page 2.

The focus is on the -ing forms of eight verbs.  The verbs show the three ‘rules’ of forming -in forms:

1.  Add -ing to the end of the verb.

2  Remove the final ‘e’ and add –ing.

3  Double the final consonant and add –ing.


Ask learners questions to practise these verbs and the present continuous.

Suggested questions and answers:

1  Where’s the woman sitting?   (outside the café / next to her friend)

2  What’s the boy drinking?  (juice / water)

3  What’s the girl writing?  (a letter / a note / a list)

4  What’s the man wearing? (a yellow T-shirt, blue and white trousers and white shoes /trainers )

5  What’s the dog running after?  (a cat / another dog / a runner)

Who’s sleeping?  (the baby)

Why is the woman smiling?  (She’s happy.  She’s on holiday.)

8  What’s the robot standing on?  (a table)

 Show each learner one of the small pictures in A.

To make this easier for you, I’ve uploaded the individual small pictures to a pinterest board, here.

Learners have to remember what’s in their picture.

(The easiest way to do this – (and it’s fun too!) is to tell all the other learners to turn around with their backs to the board/screen while you are showing one learner the picture!)

Then, show them all the whole picture for a few seconds only.

And hide it.

Now, ask each learner to tell the others about their part of the picture.  Is it on the left / right / in the middle of the picture?  What’s near their part?

e.g.  Picture 3  This is from the middle of the picture.  The girl is sitting at a table with her family.  She’s between her mum and her brother.

Learners love doing this activity!

Next, learners complete the sentences in B about the complete picture (from page 2) using the verbs from A.


After checking the answers, focus on the adjectives in the sentences, especially sentences 1, 2 and 3.

Each sentence has 2 adjectives – lovely, sunny day, small black dog, favourite blue blanket.

Ask learners to add 2 adjectives to sentence 4 to talk about the weather.  (Suggestions: hot, sunny)

And 2 adjectives to sentence 5 to talk about Mary’s letter.  (Suggestions: funny, short)

Next, learners complete two sentences about the café picture.  Encourage them to use adjectives in their sentences.


1  A man is wearing a yellow cotton T-shirt, blue and white trousers with stripes. He’s sitting at a round green table.

2  The people are sitting around round green tables outside a small café.  They’re drinking coffee and juice.


Ask each learner to choose one of the sentences from B or C and to change it to make it incorrect for the picture.

e.g.  Six people are sitting outside this café on a horrible, cold day.

They show or read out their sentences and the other learners correct it, stressing the words that are correct.

e.g.  No!  Seven people are sitting outside this café on a lovely, sunny day.

Here’s the link to the pdf booklet again.

Tip:  To save just one page, in your browser (before downloading), select print.  Choose the page you want to save and type that number, then save it as a pdf.

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