14 Apr 2020

Flyers writing booklet – Complete a story

Let’s look at page 7 of the Flyers Writing Skills BookletComplete a story.

This page focuses on a few things.  In the pictures at the top of the page, we have six pictures.  All the words for the pictures are often misspelled by students.  This could be for various reasons – guitar, for example, has a silent ‘u’, as does island with its silent ‘s’.  Sandwiches has two consonant clusters, something which often causes problems.  And rucksack or backpack both contain ‘ck’, a notoriously difficult combination of letters.

Next, learners are asked to write four words that they find difficult to spell in English.  Some words might be difficult to spell for most learners, others might be their own particular difficulties.

I’d suggest that any words with double consonants or vowels can cause problems (I’ve taken these examples from the A2 Flyers wordlist):

e.g. summer, tomorrow, cartoon, knee

words with silent letters:

e.g.  biscuit, knee, yoghurt, scissors

other words with ‘k’:

e.g. fork, snack

other words with consonant clusters:

e.g. fridge, bridge, eagle

words that don’t sound like they ‘look’:

e.g. chemist, college

In B, learners use the words they wrote under the six pictures to complete the story about Sophia’s exciting day.

(1)  island (2) picnic  (3) sandwiches  (4) rucksack/backpack  (5) cloud (6)  guitar

In C, learners are asked to use their imagination and logic.  This is something I’ve talked about in previous posts, like Making sentences longer and Focus on a picture.

What was inside Sophia’s sandwiches?  (Words from the wordlist :  chicken, cheese, onion, tomatoes, salad)

Which songs did they sing?  (Any suggestions from your learners are valid here!)

And in D, learners the story again and colour the pictures in A.  (The problem is, apart from the cloud, they ARE coloured already!)  Learners could colour the bread in the sandwiches brown and write a note that the rucksack should be yellow.  Oh – and they can draw a pink water bottle too!


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