27 May 2019

About A2 Flyers Speaking Part 2

Today’s post will look at A2 Flyers Speaking Part 2. The Information Exchange.

This task, which is new because it doesn’t appear at either Pre-A1 Starters or A1 Movers, is, for some candidates, the one they find the trickiest.

So, what’s in this Part?  It’s an Information Exchange.

The materials

Both the examiner and the candidate have a sheet with some information about a person, place or thing.  There is a picture, which shows the place, thing or person.

Examiner’s page

Candidate’s page

This example is taken from Sample Papers Volume 2.  You can download these here:


In the tables, the student has information about the person, place or thing in the table on the left, and some question prompts in the table on the right.

The examiner has question prompts in the table on the left, and information in the table on the right.

The procedure

The examiner starts by setting the context.  Something like: ‘George and Grace are both visiting a castle.’

Then, the examiner will set up the first part, where the examiner asks the questions: ‘I don’t know anything about George’s castle, but you do, so I’m going to ask you some questions.’

Note:  The examiner will also help by pointing first to the question prompts on the examiner’s page

and then to the information in the table on the candidate’s page.

If the candidate does not understand a question, then the examiner can help by repeating the questions and by pointing to the information for the answer in the candidate’s table.

Note: The examiner will not ask the questions in the same order as the information in the table.  Students need to know this and listen carefully to each question and not just read out the information in each box in order.

Next, the examiner will point to the table with the information on the examiner’s page, then to the questions in the table on the candidate’s page.  The candidate asks the examiner questions and the examiner answers.

In my next post, I’ll share tips for training students to do well in A2 Flyers Speaking Part 2.

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