22 Apr 2020

A2 About me choice board

Today’s post is ‘about me‘!  I’m going to share a choice board for students (and teachers) to share information about themselves. 

The ‘twist’ is, that students are given a choice in what they choose to share about themselves.

This could be because perhaps there are things here that maybe they don’t want to talk about, or because some of the answers come to mind quicker.

A2 About me choice board

To make it easier for you, I’ve saved a copy on my google drive – available here:

So, how would I use this?

1  Either send/show or give it to students (depending on your teaching situation).

2  Ask them each to choose two or three questions to ask you.

3  They ask you the questions.  You answer.

If you can’t think of an answer to one or two questions, you answer ‘I can’t think of an answer to that right now.  I need time to think!’  (*In fact, it would be good to do this so that students can see that they can do this too!)

4  Give students time to write their answers in the boxes.

*  If they can’t think of an answer immediately, tell them to move on to the next box.  Sometimes, while you are writing an answer to the next question, you think of an answer to the previous one!

Here is my completed Choice board. As you can see, I’ve completed most, but not all of the boxes.

A2 about me choice board Anne

You could then either:

1  Put students into pairs/small groups and ask them to discuss their answers.  They can start by comparing which boxes they wrote answers in, then talk about them.  When they are talking, ideas for empty boxes will probably come to mind.


2  Students each choose one box for the group to talk about.  Students then share their answers with the group.

If your students are going to print off the choice board, then you may want to use the black and white version.  I’ve uploaded this to google drive too.  Link here.

I hope that you and your students will enjoy this choice board.  I tried to include ‘different’ questions which involve more thinking and processing (e.g.  Something that is your favourite colour involves two steps – thinking about their favourite colour, then something (that they probably like) that is that colour!)

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