23 Oct 2018

Student guides to Cambridge Assessment English Tests

I came across two very useful video guides for students for the B2 First speaking tests when I was putting together resources for my B2 First seminar.

Here is the link to the first one.  It freeze-frames a speaking test and then the captions talk about the format of the Speaking test.

A quick guide to the B2 First speaking test:

B2 First Qualification

Thinking of taking your B2 First qualification? Here's a short video with all you need to know about the Speaking test.For more information and free practice materials, head on over to:www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams/first/preparation

Publiée par Cambridge Assessment English sur Jeudi 23 août 2018

And the second video:

What’s it like to take a Speaking test? is not B2 First specific.  It is suitable for B2 First and C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency in my opinion (lower levels may find it difficult to follow).

What's it like to take a Speaking test?

All Cambridge English Speaking exams follow a similar format, with two candidates, an interlocutor and an examiner. If you're worried about your Speaking exam, listen to what these candidates have to say. It's not that scary!

Publiée par Cambridge Assessment English sur Vendredi 15 septembre 2017

Then, via one of the many newsletter emails I receive from Cambridge Assessment English, I came across two more videos about exam-taking experiences.

In the first, Ricardo’s experience of preparing for and taking a Movers Test is shared.

And in the second, his sister Sophia takes her B2 First for Schools exam and shares her experience.

But if you really want your students to ‘feel’ the experience, show them Maria’s 360º video: My speaking test day’.  Great for underlining the fact that you have your ID checked, your photo taken, etc.

On the same playlist, there are 3 more videos, with Speaking Test Parts 1, 2 and 4.

Hope you find these videos as attractive and useful as I did.




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