4 Dec 2017

Interview about young learners learning English and taking tests

Today, I wanted to share the link to an interview about young learners learning English and taking tests.

I was interviewed the night before the 2017 ACEIA Conference in Seville.

Although I was rather nervous about being filmed for (Youtube) posterity, the experience was made very positive and much easier by the delightful interviewer (Susana) and the cameraman (Millan).  Thank you once again!

In the interview, I was asked to give my opinion on the ideal age to start children with English and at what age they should start English classes.

What advantages does certifying your level of English bring?  How can we take the anxiety out of testing?

Some key elements for me in both testing and teaching are ensuring positive, anxiety-free environments and situations.

And, as my workshop was focusing on the new tasks in 2018 Cambridge Assessment English: Starters, Movers and Flyers, I also mentioned the importance of planning what you can and want to write before you put pen to paper or your fingers on the keyboard!

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