9 Mar 2020

Further work on C1 Advanced Reading Part 6 Why do we sleep texts

Today, I’m sharing some ideas for further work on the Why do we sleep texts.

In my previous post, I outlined an approach to tackle C1 Reading Part 6.

In this post, I’d like to explore ways of exploiting the useful language in the four texts.  This language would be very useful for C1 Advanced students for their essay writing (C1 Writing Part 1) and for Part 3 of the C1 Advanced Speaking Test.

There are a wide range of useful phrases for expressing agreement and disagreement with facts in the four texts.

C1 Advanced Reading Part 6, Sample Paper 4

To work on these, I’ve prepared a task for students to think about whether the expressions signal agreement or disagreement with a statement.

I’ve prepared a downloadable pdf document with some steps to work on these phrases and also on collocation with evidence.

1.   Look at these useful opinion phrases taken from the Why we sleep texts.

Which phrases express agreement with an assertion?

Which phrases express disagreement?

  1. There is clear evidence that
  2. It seems reasonable to conclude
  3. The benefits may have been overrated
  4. The findings are unconvincing
  5. Evidence to support this view remains sparse at best
  6. I would not differ from that viewpoint.
  7. This argument fails to convince
  8. There is solid evidence of the prime importance
  9. Research has proved beyond doubt
  10. It is certain that
  11. I subscribe to the view that
  12. The evidence for this appears indisputable
  13. Nevertheless, this does not lead me to conclude that
  14. It is certainly safe to say that
  15. The search may be misguided
  16. There is ample evidence that

After checking answers (and working on the stressing of key words in the phrases), it would obviously be important to give students the chance to use these phrases, so that they become part of their productive repertoire.

As a first step, I’d ask students to talk about their reaction to the four experts’ opinions:

Now, answer these questions. Try and use some of the opinion phrases above.

  1. Which expert’s viewpoints would you differ from?
  2. Which expert’s views do you subscribe to?
  3. Which of the arguments fail to convince you?

And then, I’d set up a short project:

Check it out online:

Can you find any animals that do NOT sleep?

What about your favouite animal?  Find out about its sleeping habits.

Put it into practice:

Give a presentation to the class.  Try and use two agreement and two disagreement phrases from 1 in your presentations.

So often, there is some very useful language in exam texts like these.  I subscribe to the view that there is ample evidence that we should use the texts far beyond practising for exam day!  I hope you agree!

Worksheet on useful language from Why do we sleep? texts

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