8 Nov 2017

Cambridge English resources for the 2018 Cambridge English: Starters Test

Today, I thought I’d share links to resources to help your students prepare for the Cambridge English: 2018 Starters Test.

I thought that you would find it useful to have the materials and links together in one place and to detail what resources there are.

First the 2018 Handbook. 

In this, you can find out what’s on each Test.  The wordlists, the grammar and structures list, the format of the different Parts of the Tests (Listening, Reading and Writing and Speaking).

In the Handbook, I’d particularly recommend the Tips for preparing learners for the different parts of the test.

For Starters Listening, see page 10, for Reading and Writing, the Tips are on page 12 and for Speaking on page 14.

Link to the 2018 Young Learners Handbook:  http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/young-learners-handbook-2018.pdf

You can read about the changes on this page and also download the pdf document listing all the changes to Starters, Movers and Flyers.

If you want to listen to the changes being explained, you could watch the Cambridge English webinar here:

Let’s move on now to resources specifically for Starters.  (*In my next two posts, I’ll share links to resources for Movers and Flyers).

For a summary of the changes which have been made to Starters, go to:


Sample Papers

Currently, there are two sample papers available for the 2018 Starters:

Starters Sample Papers 1:  http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/starters-sample-papers-2018-vol1.pdf

And the MP3 audio file is available here: http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/starters-sample-listening-2018.mp3

(The second Sample Paper is not as yet available separately, but as part of the set for all three Tests):

2018 Sample Paper 2:  http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/young-learners-sample-papers-2018-vol2.pdf

*   The audio file is available as a link within the pdf document for Sample Papers 2.


You can download the Starters wordlist (unfortunately only the alphabetical wordlist – much more friendly is the Thematic List which appears in the Young Learners Handbook.)


The colourful and highly attractive Cambridge English: Starters Word List Picture Book has many of the words children have to learn for the Cambridge English: Starters test and some fun activities too.


Starters Speaking Test

And for the revised speaking test, there is a video of Jorge doing his Starters speaking test.

You can download and read the Examiner’s comments about Jorge here:


Teaching Tips

You can also find some great tips and resources on Cambridge University Press ELT YouTube Channel.

Starters Reading and Writing Part 1:

Starters Reading and Writing Part 4:

I hope you find these resources useful.  If I come across more, I’ll update this post!






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