20 Jan 2017

What’s the most challenging thing about teaching writing?

I’m collecting comments from teachers about teaching writing.

I asked the teachers at my seminar in Bilbao this morning the same question and got (among others) these answers:

Should I be harsher than the examiner when I assess?

Making sure that students address the question they were set.

Students might have lots of ideas, but they don’t link them.

They learn new language, but they don’t know how to use it in their writing.

The question they have to answer does not inspire them.

The good thing is that once you’ve taught them ‘how’ to write an essay or report, they can write one!

I’m now back home, and just discovered a new tool.  So I thought I’d try it out!  I’ve created an ‘answer garden’ so that teachers can share their challenges for writing and it will create a word cloud!

If you’ve read this post till the end and you’d like to add your ‘challenge’, please follow this link and write your thoughts!


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