3 Feb 2022

Sharing experiences to motivate and connect with students

In today’s post, I thought I’d share a calendar I created with some suggestions of experiences that students and teachers can share.

After the upheavals of the past two years, many teachers (and doctors) are expressing concerns about students’ mental health. And many teachers too are feeling the strain of this ongoing situation, which often can mean last-minute changes to lessons, sometimes, face-to-face, sometimes everyone online, or often, a mixture of both, or ‘hybrid’, with some students connecting from home because they’re in isolation or have tested positive.

I created this calendar a few months ago, when I gave a webinar as part of the Cambridge Live Experience. I have updated it a little, to include some new resources I’ve discovered since then, or thought of myself when I’ve been creating materials and giving training.

And I’ve now added a second page with 21 fun, creative activities for students.

If you’d like a copy of this calendar to use and share with your students and colleagues, click here and I’ll give you access to it.

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