3 May 2020

Liven up your classes with homemade instruments!

I had fun creating some homemade instruments for my webinar – Let songs and rhythm spark imagination and learning online!

I had some ready-made instruments from things I have in the house.  (I often hang onto things that I can see that I might be able to re-use!)

Ice cream sticks

Kebab skewers

Plastic forks

And then, I created some more instruments by putting objects and food inside different containers.

buttons inside a tub

I used these in my webinar to liven up the songs and the teachers who connected live seemed to enjoy my performance and ideas!

Georgia Pieri kindly agreed to my sharing photos of her musical instruments.  Aren’t they brilliant?  I’ve been wondering for a while about how to re-use bottle caps!

Recycling rules!

I’d love to hear from you if you have more ideas for home-made musical instruments!

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