16 Oct 2020

Interacting with Cambridge A2 Key Speaking Part 2

In today’s post, I’m going to share ideas for getting students interacting with the task in Cambridge A2 Key Speaking Part 2.

I wrote an analysis of this part in a previous post, which you can read here:

About A2 Key Speaking Part 2.

Let’s look at how we can practise Part 2 of the A2 Key speaking test, and use the material to engage students in the task and the activity.  These suggestions are based on the task which appears in the A2 Key Sample Papers, available to download here.

1   Show students the question for this part:

Do you like these five places to eat?

2   Ask students to think of five different places to eat*.

* This does not mean five restaurants, but different kinds of places (restaurants, picnics in countryside, etc).

Even better, they can also search for photos of five places.  The website Unsplash has photos that can be used by everyone, as long as you attribute the image to the photographer.

Here are my five photos:

3 Share the Examiners script for this task with the students who are showing their five pictures to another student/group.

Here are some pictures that show different places to eat.
Do you like these different places to eat? Say why or why not. I’ll say that again. Do you like these different places to eat? Say why or why not.
All right? Now, talk together.

4 Show them the 5 pictures from the A2 Key Speaking Part 2 and ask them to compare these pictures with their photos. Are there any similarities? Differences?

Further activities with the Pictures

  1. Add another picture what could it show?
  2. Imagine where the people are in each picture – what’s ‘outside’ the picture?
  3.  ‘Add’ colours to the picture – which colours?
  4. Make the pictures and activities suitable for young children/elderly people.
  5. Choose and compare two of the pictures.
  6. Write a dialogue for one of the pictures – read it out – which picture?
  7. Choose one of the pictures and tell a story.

I hope you find this post useful and will use it with your classes.

And I should also point out that the activity would also work perfectly with B1 Preliminary, B2 First and C1 Advanced Speaking Part 3.

As a reminder, I’ve also written other posts with ideas for preparing students for A2 Key Speaking Part 2:

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