20 Sep 2018

I’m back! (And eager to share useful tips and activities!)

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Welcome back! I’m eager to get back to sharing tips, activities and thoughts with you.
I apologise for having been ‘absent’ for the past few months.
This is due to several reasons:
1 In May, I had to ensure that my website meets data privacy laws, so I needed to update several things and this took a few weeks to get organised. That stopped me writing posts.
2 June is full-on testing time for me. I go to different schools and administer and invigilate Starters, Movers and Flyers tests. It’s a very hectic time, when I have very little time even to breathe! More about this year’s testing in my next post!
3 I have done a lot of travelling this summer.

The UK, visiting family and going to the fantastic show; Kynren,  Highly recommended.








on the back of our Harley,








I didn’t even take my computer with me to Ibiza so a total technological switch-off and disconnect!
4 In-between, I have been writing for a new project. I love writing and being creative. It gives me lots of ideas…..some go into the book and others (I hope!) will appear on this blog before too long!
Watch this space!

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