26 Mar 2015

Fun video lesson on Tom Hanks movies

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I enjoyed watching this clip and remembering the films I’d seen and noting down those I haven’t and might like to at some point.

It struck me that this could be a great video to use in class, so I prepared an activity to share!  See below!

The first task could be – show a picture of Tom Hanks or play the video up to 0’20.  Ask students if they recognise this man and if they’ve seen any films that he’s been in.

Then, play the video and ask them to say which films of his they’ve seen, heard of but never seen, would like to see maybe?

Next, get them to watch again and match the backdrops/settings to the films.  (Note:  not all  the films or settings are listed here).

Apollo 13                                                            airport

Bachelor Party                                                    beach

Castaway                                                            bedroom

Catch me if you can                                            city

Forrest Gump                                                      library

Joe vs. the Volcano                                            marina

Philadelphia                                                        park

Road to Paradise                                                prison

Saving Mr Banks                                                space ship

Saving Private Ryan                                           street

Sleepless in Seattle                                            tennis court

Splash                                                                 theme park

That thing you do                                                TV studio

The Da Vinci Code

The Green Mile

The Terminal

Toy Story

Turner and Hooch

You’ve got mail

(see key below)

You could then ask them to name other things that they saw in the different movie ‘clips’ and then a really fun thing to do would be to get them to choose a scene from a movie they like and act it out.



airport – The Terminal

beach – Joe vs. the Volcano, Castaway, Splash

bedroom – Toy Story

city – Sleepless in Seattle, Philadelphia, The Da Vinci Code

library – Catch me if you can

marina – Turner and Pooch

park – Forrest Gump, You’ve got Mail

prison – The Green mile

space ship – Apollo 13

street – Saving Private Ryan

tennis court – Bachelor Party

theme Park – Big, Saving Mr Banks

TV Studio – That thing you do

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