24 Mar 2017

New words at Starters for 2018

I’m currently in the Czech Republic, sharing ideas on training students to notice and spot similarities, differences, features, and many more things in pictures, words, and wordlists.
The 4th edition for Fun for Starters is out now – only a year and a half after the 3rd edition!  As well as some changes to the tasks in the Starters tests, there are new words on the Starters wordlist.
So, what are they?

In terms of topics, these words would be:

animals:  bear, bee, donkey, jellyfish, pet, polar bear, zebra
clothes:  baseball cap, boot, shorts
family and friends:  classmates, kids
food and drink:  kiwi, meatballs, pie
home:  poster, rug
school:  classmate, crayon, paper, tablet
sports and leisure:  bat, board game, skateboard, skateboarding, tablet, tennis racket
toys:  board game, teddy bear
As you can see, most of the new words are nouns.  About 2/3 of the words on the Starters wordlist are nouns.
And there are some new adjectives for Starters too:  cool, fantastic, favourite, scary and silly.  Very useful words for young learners!
You can read about the 2018 changes to Starters here.
In my next post, I’ll share the new words for Movers from 2018.


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