9 May 2014

Appreciating teachers

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In the USA, they are coming to the end of Teacher Appreciation Week.  Sounds like a good thing to do – appreciate your teachers!!

There are so many of my teachers that I’d like to meet up with again and say thank you.  In particular my French teachers and Mrs Martinez who started me on the road to learning Spanish!  They really inspired!!

I discovered that it was Teacher Appreciation Week when I was on Facebook and saw a post on Sue Pexton’s page.  Sue is  a great friend and is also one of the Iberian Seminar Presenters and is based in Lleida.

I clicked on the Definitions and went to the Facebook page of Weareteachers and found a video from Google.


I thought this was also worth sharing – to give myself and yourselves a pat on the back, but also because it’s one of those videos that you could show in class and stop after 1 minute
and ask students what the person does for a living.  It seems like it’s going to be an astronaut, but we discover it’s a teacher.

And I had a quick look at the Weareteachers website and am definitely going to bookmark it because there are lots of resources there.


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