2 Jun 2020

Fun for Movers extra tasks Units 1-20

Today, I’m sharing some extra tasks that I’ve created for Fun for Movers units 1-20.

There is a page for each unit of the 4th edition of Fun for Movers, the book I wrote with Karen Saxby for Cambridge University Press.  They are aimed at giving further practice of the language in the unit, or more activities based on the texts or pictures.  They are probably not really relevant if you are not using Fun for Movers.

Some are more mechanical, but others are trying to inspire more creativity and critical thinking and personalisation.

I haven’t finished making these for the whole book yet, but that is my plan.  As soon as I have another series of units covered, I’ll upload the document (and the key).

So, if you’re using Fun for Movers, I hope they’ll give you extra material and inspiration for you and your learners.

Click here to download the material and the answer key.

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